Possibility to move courts, schools

THE grass tennis courts and two schools at Rosalind Park face relocation under a long-term park plan. 

And while the courts look likely to be moved and cleared for car parking or parkland, Bendigo Tennis Club says it is unlikely to happen in the near future. 

Bendigo Tennis Club president Leon Rettalick says he is not surprised that the tennis courts were not included in two City of Greater Bendigo concept plans for Rosalind Park, released Thursday. 

"We understand the need for the facility but we have a lease until 2022 and it is probably unlikely anything will happen inside that period," he said. 

"In the previous 2004 council masterplan for the park there was also recommendations to move the courts. That was ten years ago but nothing has happened.

"We welcome any discussion with council but as it sits, no decisions have been made."

He said the grass courts were frequently used by the club and an alternative site would be required if they were removed. 

The concept plans also detail the possible relocation of Bendigo Secondary School and Camp Hill Primary School. 

Plans state that if the schools were to move, the area would be cleared for parkland. 

But the decision to relocate the schools rests with Department of Education and BSS principal Dale Pearce remained adamant the secondary school would stay. 

"Any major change to land use will be dependent on the user group wanting to move," he said. 

"We continue to grow but if we need more space we will build a second campus. The department wouldn't force us to moveI can't say what will happen in 20 to 30 years but I know there is no prospect of it now."

Camp Hill Primary School principal Leonie Roberts said all stakeholders were proud and protective of the park. 

"There are a lot of groups with vested interest and we want to see the people's needs built into the plan."

The two plans detail varied outcomes for the future of Rosalind Park, with concept A outlining reduced vehicle access and enhanced nature reserves, and concept B focusing more on sporting uses and increased car parking. 

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