Pets at work: Fudge

AUSTRALIANS love their animals.

They are beloved companions, family members and sometimes work mates.

To celebrate pets, the Bendigo Advertiser is launching a brand new series - Pets at Work.

We want to hear about your four-legged buddies that help out at the office.

Can they perform tasks or do tricks? Are they at home in the workplace?

Tradie and HALT co-founder Jeremy Forbes says he takes his dog Fudge everywhere with him.

“My painting work takes me all around Castlemaine and up to Bendigo. Fudge is a wonderful companion with a calm and relaxed disposition,” Mr Forbes said.

“He knows when he's coming to work with me when he sees me put his food and water bowls in my work bag.

“He jumps around and yelps in unbridled happiness. Priceless.

“Sometimes when I'm painting weatherboards Fudge will stroll up, lick my face and plonk himself close to me.

“He likes the security of being close to us.”

Mr Forbes, and his wife Lucy have only had Fudge for a few months but said he is already an integral and loved member of the family.

“We are very lucky to have such a good tempered dog," Mr Forbes said.

“We have young nieces and nephews who are a bit tentative around dogs but he licks them and sits at their feet. It is good for them to get more confidence around dogs and he is good like that.

 “We love him very much.

“(With) my partner and I not having children, he is a big part of our life.

“He has three beds and he wanders between them. He is a bit spoilt but he doesn’t bark.

“We are very blessed to have him in our lives.

 “It’s that great unconditional love.

“He likes to be close and near me, which I think is beautiful.

“I’ll have to move him sometimes, he’ll give me a lick and keep walking.

“He doesn’t run off.

“He loves getting in the ute and he has his own blanket."

Mr Forbes said Fudge was happy to have his picture in the newspaper.

“Fudge is very happy, humbled and honoured to be in the Advertiser.

“Fudge loves to be photographed but occasionally wishes I would put the camera away and let him work in peace.”

Do you have a pet that comes with you to work? Can they perform tasks or do tricks?

Maybe your pet prefers a more relaxed workplace - lounging around and looking pretty. 

Let us know via or call 5434 4480.

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