Plucky chicken goes on wild, windy adventure

ON Monday Colin Hetherton from Huntly put the trailer on the back of his wheel drive, let their 15 chickens out to range free as usual, and left for Bendigo.

So far, not unusual.

At APCO in Kangaroo Flat he was filling the car with petrol when he got a shock - one of his red chickens was sitting in the spare wheel rim in the A-frame of the trailer.

“We must have done at least 20 ks by the time we went out and around,” Mr Hetherton said. “So she’d been sitting there for 20 ks, and up to 80 ks an hour on the highway.

“But she wasn’t distressed or anything. She was just sitting there looking around. She was happy as Larry."

Mr Hetherton put the wayward hen in the car and she perched on his golf buggy frame all the way home.

“Then I just picked her up and dropped her out and she just ran off."

It’s not the first time Hetherton livestock have shown such fervour to be close to their humans.

Once when Colin and wife Cathy got home late one night their four Friesian steers unlocked a gate to look for them and met them on the road.

"We were driving up the road and here’s all these green eyes looking at us...when they realised it was (Colin) they followed him home,” Mrs Hetherton said.

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