Reading between the lines

Curator floortalk at the VAC

THE La Trobe University Visual Arts Centre (VAC) has launched its 2014 exhibition program with Between the Dusk and Dawn, curated by Dr Tracy Spinks.

With 60 works produced over a 50-year period, this survey exhibition provides a glimpse into the extraordinary world of the Australian artist Vali Myers.

Dr Spinks will present a floortalk at the VAC on Thursday 13 February from 5.30pm. This is a free event and no bookings are required. 


Our hands, along with our feet, are in constant contact with the rest of the world, more worn and creased than anywhere else on the body.

They are tough yet sensitive, dexterous and yet somehow vulnerable, and highly demonstrative of complex emotions.

Through constant wear they bear the inscriptions of our life experience, our passions and fears and memories layered over one another like a palimpsest.

In her exhibition Skin, currently showing at the VAC, Kim Anderson closely examines the lines, creases, patterns and scars that are unique to each individual, exploring and tracing the surface of the skin – a surface that constantly changes from the moment we are born.  

Paul Northam is the VAC managing curator.

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