Parents call on community to help

THE parents of a young boy saved by a liver transplant are calling on everyone to participate in Run for the Kids to ensure other children get a second chance at life. 

Corey Harrison and Jazmin Hall know all too well the struggle associated with having a sick child - with their boy Zeke recently undergoing a liver transplant to cure a rare metabolic disorder. 

But Zeke, who suffered from maple syrup urine disease, has been given his life back, after receiving a new liver from an unknown child.

When he was only days old, Zeke died five times on his way to hospital - with doctors telling his family there was a one in 150,000 chance of Zeke surviving.

The condition, which affects only seven people in Australia, meant he was unable to break down protein and had to follow a strict diet.

The only cure for a new life was a liver transplant.

Now he is "eating whatever he can get his hands on" and happily back at home with his mum. 

His parents have set up a special Run for the Kids group and are encouraging people to sign up for the April 13 event. 

It costs $47 to enter the 5.5km, with $29 of this being donated straight to the RCH. 

To register go to and search Team Zeke. 

People can also donate to the Royal Children's Hospital, through the Zeke fundraising page at

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