VIDEO: Stabbing: Police charge man

UPDATE SUNDAY 12.30PM: A MAN charged with a string of weapons and assault offences has made no application for bail.

Mark Llewellyn, 33, has been remanded to appear before the Bendigo Magistrates' Court on Tuesday.


UPDATE SUNDAY 12.30PM: Police have charged a man with intentionally and recklessly causing injury after a fight at a Long Gully home on Saturday night. 

The 33-year-old man was also charged with making threats to kill, driving while disqualified and resisting arrest. 

Bendigo Crime Investigation Unit Senior Constable Andrew Heazlewood said the man allegedly assaulted a friend with a weapon after an altercation at the Havilah Road property. 

"The man has then made further threats," he said. 

"He has been forced out of the home by the occupants who have contacted the police.

"The man has taken off in a vehicle south towards Kangaroo Flat where he's collided with traffic lights."

Senior Constable Heazlewood said police then tried to apprehend the Muckleford man, who was violent and resisted arrest. 

"It has taken a number of officers to subdue the man," he said.  

Capsicum spray was also used. 

Police expect more charges will be laid. 

UPDATE SUNDAY 11AM: A MOTORIST says he was verbally abused and spat at by a man who later ploughed his car into a traffic light pole.

The witness said he saw the man, who has since been arrested, in Alder Street, Kangaroo Flat just before 8pm Saturday.

He said the man was parked in his ute in a turning lane and was shouting abuse at a woman.

"The lady had gone up and asked him if he was OK," he said.

"He started yelling at her. He was about to take off through the red light. Then he turned and spotted me in the car behind and gave me the finger. 

"He was mouthing off. I couldn't make out what he was saying. He went to spit at me but he had his window down and it went inside his car."

Police said on Sunday they were expecting to lay charges against the 33-year-old Muckleford man

Bendigo Crime Investigation Unit Senior Constable Andrew Heazlewood said the man would be interviewed by police.

"He was unfit for interview last night," he said. 

SATURDAY: BENDIGO police have arrested a man after an alleged stabbing at a Long Gully home on Saturday night.

The incident in Havilah Road happened about 7.45pm. 

The Muckleford man was arrested after he crashed a vehicle into traffic lights at the intersection of Lockwood Road and High Street in Kangaroo Flat about 8.10pm.

A police media spokeswoman said the man was being interviewed. 

She said paramedics treated a man aged in his 30s at the home.

A witness has told how police used capsicum spray to subdue a man who crashed a white utility into the traffic lights in Kangaroo Flat.

The crash brought a crowd of more than 25 people onto the street from businesses in the area.

The witness said the man left the car after the crash and walked to the side of the road, throwing his arms around in an agitated state.

Two female police officers arrested the man.

The witness said more police officers arrived at the scene and restrained the man on the ground.

''He was squirming and begging for water,'' the witness said.

''Police poured bottle after bottle over him as he switched back and forth from calling them every word you can imagine and wailing in pain.

''They poured water over him for probably five minutes until a van arrived and he was put in the back.''

The Country Fire Authority and BG & RM Williams Electrical Pty Ltd arrived at the scene to deal with the damaged car and traffic lights.  

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