Foxes suspected roo culprits

UPDATE 4PM SATURDAY: POLICE are not ruling out the possibility that humans were involved in cutting the heads off kangaroos in Longlea.

Axedale First Constable Tayler Masson said the investigation into the deaths of the three roos remained ongoing.

He said he had spoken with wildlife rescuers and other animal groups to pursue suggestions foxes were responsible for biting their heads off.

“We can’t rule out either possibility," he said.

"We're leaving the investigation open to anyone that may have been a witness or knows anything about what happened."  

The three decapitated kangaroos were reported to police last Saturday afternoon after were left by the side of Hawkins Lane, Longlea.

First Constable Masson said there could be charges of aggravated cruelty to an animal, which could result in up to two years in prison or a fine of more than $140,000.

Anyone with information can contact Axedale Police Station on 54397202.

EARLIER: Wildlife rescuers believe foxes were responsible for the decapitation of kangaroos in Longlea.

Police launched an investigation calling for any witnesses or information about the killings that were reported last Saturday.

Bendigo wildlife rescuer Neil Morgan said the evidence pointed to the work of foxes.

"I am 100 per cent sure it was foxes," he said.

"I believe the kangaroos were hit by a car and then moved to the side of the road. The foxes have then gone in and taken their heads clean off. It's what foxes do."

Mr Morgan said he had seen hundreds of examples of similar situations where foxes had taken the heads off kangaroos.

He said it was often done with clean precision.

"The same thing happened in Castlemaine last year. They thought it was people doing it. 

"The head is taken off so clean you’d think it’s an axe or a very sharp knife... It's pretty gruesome."

"There’s been quite a few left on the side of the road and the head was completely gone, nothing else touched whatsoever."

Mr Morgan said he was unsure why foxes removed the heads off kangaroos but he said it was possibly due to them targeting the smallest part of their bodies.

He said he was relieved to know that it wasn't humans committing acts of animal cruelty.

"It's nice to know we don’t have people out there doing that sort of stuff."

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