Cooler weather to strike Bendigo

THUNDERSTORMS are forecast to mark the start of a long-awaited cool change in Bendigo Friday night.

The Bureau of Meteorology is predicting more thunder to strike around the region, coinciding with a substantial dip in the temperature.

It will be the end of the heat wave for Bendigo - Duty forecaster Richard Russell

Duty forecaster Richard Russell said Bendigo would drop to 21 degrees about 11pm Friday.

The cool change will be less than half Friday's expected high of 43 degrees.

Mr Russell said it would reach that high between 4pm and 6pm but then there would "be a rapid drop on the thermostat".

And thankfully, he said that would mark the official end of this week's searing hot spell.

"It will be the end of the heat wave for Bendigo," he said. "You’ll see the forecast temperatures beyond then are still warm but not nasty. Mostly about mid 30s."

The bureau is predicting a low chance of thunderstorms, with a very slim chance of thunder reaching the city.

There will also be a small band of rain passing over the region late Friday.

The highly anticipated change comes after four consecutive days of 40-plus temperatures.

Wednesday night was the hottest night since records were first collected at Bendigo Airport in 1992. 

Mr Russell said Wednesday's minimum temperature was 28.6 degrees at 9.53pm before the rest of the night hovered above 30 degrees.

"There would be a few records broken around the state I think," Mr Russell said.

The forecast for Bendigo for the next six days is:

Saturday 33 degrees

Sunday 29 degrees

Monday 32 degrees

Tuesday 31 degrees

Wednesday 30 degrees

Thursday 29 degrees

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