Hospital sees new heights

THE first of four tower cranes will be erected on the site of the new Bendigo Hospital this weekend.

The luffing crane will stand 30 metres tall with a 55 metre reach and can pick up 3.7 tonnes at 55 metres and up to 16 tonnes closer up.

It will be used for the structure, lifting all the concrete elements and installing the façade.

The process of constructing the crane, on top of 10, three metre towers, will start around 7am on Saturday depending on the weather.

Bendigo Hospital project site manager Rob McGregor said there are strong wind restrictions when using a crane of this height.

“The guys are working at a big height and it can be dangerous so conditions have got to be right.

“The crane is built from different components that will be put together when it gets here.

“I don’t think all the components have ever been weighed together but I would guess it probably weighs around 100 tonnes.”

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