Quick and easy food options a hot topic

Local stores are feeling the heat as customers want quick and easy meals.

Justin Whitehead, the owner of a local take away shop, was expecting his store to be full on Wednesday night.

He has worked at the Golden Square Chicken and Seafood take away shop for four years.

In this time he has never experienced quite this much demand for these meals.

"(Tuesday night) was definitely the busiest we have been in ages and we are expecting a similar thing to happen (this week)," he said.

"At night when you finish work the last thing you want to do is go home and cook.

"Last night we ran out of salad because everyone is grabbing a chook and a salad and going home with that."

Mr Whitehead said the influx of customers had staff on their toes. 

"We are able to make the salads on demand. The chickens are the hard thing - they take at least two hours to cook," he said.

"The days have been reasonably quiet, it's just the nights when people don't want to cook."

Darren O'Keefe of Champions Supa IGA at Kangaroo Flat said bottled water sales had been "out of control" since yesterday. 

"Icy poles are flat out, salads and prepared meals are very popular too," he said.

"Alcohol sales also have significantly increased." 

Mexican Kitchen owner Mark Keck hasn't noticed much of a difference in his foot traffic, but he said the warmer weather didn't normally affect trading.

"In the heat we don't get quite as many people walking in off the streets that haven't booked in." he said

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