Yet another dangerous social media fad emerges

WARNING: Fad a health risk, says Bendigo Community Health

REACTION: Nek Nomination craze disturbing to police

NECK and nominate - the new social media fad that sees someone down a beer and then nominate a friend to follow.

How does society keep coming up with such stuff?

Not too long ago it was 'planking' that dominated the social media scene with images of people lying prone in various places popping up everywhere.

The problem is people naturally try to outdo each other and pretty soon risks are being taken.

The problem is people naturally try to outdo each other and pretty soon risks are being taken. This was displayed in Bendigo during the planking fad with police blasting a picture of a young man lying on the edge of the Hargreaves Street multi-storey car park.

And so we have the same come to pass with this neck and nominate fad.

A young Bendigo girl has posted a video of herself drinking a bottle of what she claims is straight vodka. Highly unlikely the liquid was vodka but surely her thought process and the impression the video gives is enough for grave concern.

What happens if someone decides it was vodka and sets out to do better?

This is a ridiculous fad which most likely started out as a bit of fun. It's growing popularity means it's no longer funny - it's dangerous.

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