Kitchen staff suffer burns

AN Echuca cook and chef suffered moderate burns after the 32-year-old chef cleaned the grill with methylated spirits instead of cleaning product on Wednesday night. 

Echuca Police Leading Senior Constable Allan Foskett said there was a flash blast of fire, followed by an explosion which engulfed the men around 9.50pm in the kitchen at Ceres restaurant on High Street. 

"Both males suffered minor to moderate burns to their arms, faces and chests," he said. 

Both males suffered minor to moderate burns to their arms, faces and chests. - Allan Foskett

"About 40 patrons in the restaurant were evacuated.

"Four police officers attended, as well as the CFA and an ambulance.

"The two men, the 32-year-old chef and a 19-year-old cook, were taken to Echuca Hospital.

"There is minor damage to the kitchen and smoke damage to the restaurant.

"Worksafe were notified and they will investigate the incident."

Worksafe Victoria spokeswoman Sophie Torrens said Worksafe was making enquiries. 

"We were alerted to the incident last night," she said. 

Echuca fire station captain Mark Hooper said about five fire trucks and 20 firefighters attended the scene.

"It didn't take long to put the fire out," he said. 

"Occupants of the restaurants had already used a fire extinguisher. 

"We were more concerned with the people who had been burnt."

Echuca Regional Health executive  nursing director June Dyson said one of the men was transferred to the Alfred Hospital early this morning. 

Chef cleans grill with methylated spirits, causes explosion

 "Following initial treatment in our emergency department we contacted the burns specialists at the Alfred," she said. 

"They recommended the patient be transferred to the Alfred for ongoing management." 

Ceres restaurant was contacted by the Bendigo Advertiser and they did not wish to make comment. 

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