Driver returns 11 positive results

AN ASCOT man who twice lost his licence failed an interlock device test 11 times, a court has heard.

Kevin Gordon Cooper applied at Bendigo Magistrates Court to have the device removed Wednesday.

Prosecutor Leading Senior Constable Alan Walker said a report “seems to show you keep getting positive readings on the interlock device over four years”.

Mr Cooper said on one occasion he had used hand sanitiser.

“I didn’t realise it had alcohol in it,” he said.

“I blew into it not long after to show there wasn’t alcohol on my breath.”

Magistrate David Faram said the positive readings had occurred between 2010 and December 2013, but noted there had been more than 17,000 samples provided.

He said there was a high chance of Mr Cooper going to prison if he re-offended.

“Worse (would be) if you drink drive and kill yourself or other people,” Magistrate Faram said. 

"Don't drink and drive in any situation whatsoever." 

The application was granted. 

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