New Year brings fresh hope

HEY everybody.

 I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year's with family and friends.

I trust everyone at home is enjoying the warm weather and the Aussies dominating the Poms in the cricket.

It has been great having the family over here, enjoying Christmas together, even though it has been a bit cold at times.

It is actually minus 24 Celsius right now, which is minus 11 Fahrenheit.

I had my laptop in the car today, but I had to wait for it to defrost so I could turn it on and write this article.

New Year's Eve was great fun in downtown Cleveland.

There was a big crowd, enjoying music and fireworks, while it was snowing.

Everybody was rugged up with coats, beanies, scarves and gloves. I think the snow added to a great atmosphere.

We have had a tough couple of weeks since my last column, winning one out of the last eight games.

We had a couple of overtime games and another couple that have come down to the last play, but haven’t got the results we wanted.

I feel like we have been improving a lot and getting closer, but haven’t got the wins on the board yet. Hopefully, they will come soon.

There have been a couple of injuries, with Kyrie banging his knee and Jarrett Jack tweaking his back.

This has meant I’ve played more minutes. Last game I played 41, so you have to be ready every night in case your number is called.

Our home crowds have been really great to play in front of.

They always bring a lot of noise, and when we get on a roll, the intensity definitely goes up another level.

We have had Bobble Head nights for Anderson Varejao and Dion Waiters in the past couple of games, where the fans got a little look-a-like of the players

We played at Brooklyn for the first time this year.

The Barclays Arena, their home court, is a very unique building to play in.

The lighting and the way the court is makes it feel like you are on a stage performing.

It was my first time in New York and it seemed like a really busy city. 

I would love to have the chance to look around there more next time.

We have a five-game road trip out to the west coast of America at the end of this week, so I am looking forward to catching up with a lot of people from Saint Mary’s who I haven’t seen in a while.

It will also be nice to get some sunshine.

Thanks everyone for the support, I appreciate it.

If anyone would like to hear about anything in particular, you can tweet to me @matthewdelly.

Have a great week.

After cold end to 2013, Cavs look to heat up

I had my laptop in the car today, but I had to wait for it to defrost

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