Kangaroo Flat fire: Residents use garden hose to protect home

UPDATE 4.45PM: Residents used garden hoses to protect sheds and a home from a grass and timber fire in Kangaroo Flat on Tuesday.

Bendigo senior station officer Dale Stemmer said the Phillis Street residents had done some good work with hoses until fire crews arrived soon after 10.35am.

Mr Stemmer said the fire burned about a hectare of grass and some timber being used for firewood.

''There were numerous calls coming in to dispatch on the fire – by all accounts it was throwing up a fair bit of smoke,’’ Mr Stemmer said.

''The residents done some good work but the fire was still travelling out towards Phillis Street when Kangaroo Flat and Bendigo arrived.

''We were able to get on top of the fire within 10 minutes but then there was quite an amount of blacking out to do within the perimeter because it ignited quite a few firewood stacks.’’

Mr Stemmer said a backhoe was used to open up the stacks to allow Kangaroo Flat fire crews to fully extinguish the fire.

He said friction from a chainsaw on soft wood was the likely cause of the fire.

''What we think has happened is that some friction from the chain on some very soft wood that he was cutting may have resulted in some material burning which has ignited after he’s left the scene and gone back into his shed to sharpen his chainsaw and refuel it,’’ he said.

''He was still in the shed when a neighbour alerted him that the fire had kicked off in the paddock.

''There was no other indication there for any other source.

''The gentleman had complied with all stipulations set down under a fire danger period for use of a chainsaw.  The area was cleared, he had water and the chainsaw he was using was in good working order. Really, it was just one of those things.’’

Kangaroo Flat, Bendigo and Golden Square brigade units attended the fire.

Mr Stemmer said the helicopter water bomber had responded but was not required.

‘’The DSE were also sending personnel and equipment as per standard response but they weren’t required,’’ he said.

UPDATE 3.30PM: Residents have used a garden hose to protect a home during a fire in grass and timber logs in Kangaroo Flat.

Five CFA crews attended the fire in Phillis Street at 10.45am today. 

CFA crews quickly brought the fire under control.

The Bendigo Advertiser believes the fire was caused by a chainsaw.

The chainsaw user had followed all safety procedures.

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