Jumping for joy

RAD Leovic is defying his age. 

The 86-year-old represents Australia in triathlons twice a month, flying around the world to attend the events. 

"I was in Brazil last year," he said. 

"I will fly overseas in March to compete in another one.

"I started competing in triathlons when I was 60.

I started competing in triathlons when I was 60. - Rad Leovic

"They didn't exist when I was younger.

"I love feeling healthy."

Mr Leovic, of Canberra, was in Bendigo at the weekend to compete in the Oceania Masters Athletics Championships decathlon, which involves track and field events.  

Mr Leovic, who has not been seriously ill since he was 50, said he cut out coffee, tea, sugar and alcohol 40 years ago when he began to feel unhealthy.

"I wasn't happy with my diet," he said. 

"I didn't have good digestion.

"So I changed my lifestyle.

"I eat three meals a day now. 

"No snacking in between.

"Lots of fresh fruit, vegetables and grains.

"I don't take any medications.

"And I feel great.

"I retired in 1996, but I used to work as a statistician.

"I studied economics.

"I used to live in Albury before moving to Canberra to study and get a job."

Organiser Terry Hicks said 505 people from the Oceania region competed in the games.

"We applied a long time ago to host this event," he said. 

"We found out eight years ago that Bendigo would host it.

"People aged 30 through to 90 compete in the masters."

Raminder Singh, of Sydney, said he hoped to see a bit of Bendigo while he was here competing in the decathlon. 

"Bendigo is nice," he said. 

"I have always been involved in athletics."

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