Music-goers lash out at claims

NEWS: Illegal rave party: Ranger fury as 800 turn out

MUSIC festival-goers who spent New Year's Eve at Torrumbarry have stood up to claims they left their campsite in a mess and disrupted campers. 

An article published in the Bendigo Advertiser described the mess left by more than 800 festival-goers as the "worst environmental damage" ever seen. 

Festival organiser Christian Schumann said participants did not leave rubbish lying around, did not leave syringes lying around, or walked around naked, and were mindful of campers. 

"The site was cleaner than all the other surrounding campsites, campsites across the river where left in absolutely filthy conditions including large amounts of rubbish left behind that I watched the park rangers cleaning up," he said.  

"Highly-intoxicated campers outside our group, bullied (us), (and) made us feel uncomfortable and hence disturbed our blissful ceremony to the point where it became unfriendly, even hostile on the main stage.

"We came to the site days prior, the grounds where heavily littered and we had to make prior arrangements to clean this before anyone arrived.

"We did several trailer runs of rubbish to the public tip.

"By the end of Thursday our site was 95% clean with more skip runs still being organised.

"There was no traces of cigarette butts or other small contamination found on the ground."

Mr Schumann said he admits the group did not attain a permit for the event but would accept responsibility. 

He said the group worked in harmony with Victoria Police to monitor the noise levels of the event and control crowds.   

Music festival goer Kayla Edmiston said she travelled from Melbourne for the event and said the group was there to "purely enjoy the environment". 

"The reason why we go out so far to enjoy ourselves, is to remove ourselves from such negative environments where intoxicated idiots walk the streets and pick fights," she said. 

"The true people who attended, such as myself, always clean up after ourselves.

"We love the nature we reside in, it is a really beautiful area.

"We would not go out to ruin such a place."

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