Final Word: Let's dance

AB: Well, Doley, you survived another Maryborough Highland Gathering.

Or should I say, Maryborough survived you attending another Highland Gathering.

My spies in Maryborough tell me you were seen attempting a highland fling on the podium.

The only blessing for the crowd was you were dressed in pants rather than a kilt.

ND: When you have billiard table legs like me you know that a kilt is not the right garb to be seen in.

I did suggest to some colleagues, Yabby and Sharpey that I could dance on the drum. The 44-gallon drum used for the heavy stones, not the musical type. 

It's always a great day in the Borough. I doubt I will rack up attending a Maryborough Highland Gathering more than 80 times like Harold Hubble has.

What an amazing feat. 

AB: Hats off to Harold, great achievement.

Was the highland fling part of your training regime?

ND: What training regime?

AB: The Oceania Masters Games start this weekend in Bendigo.

There's some high quality veteran athletes hitting the track.

While you're not high quality when it comes to athletics, you certainly are a veteran and I'm expecting nothing better than a midfield finish in the over-50 3km walk.

ND: Just because I know most of the hits from the 50s and 60s does not mean I am in the over-50 class just yet.

Had my hamstring and calf injuries not flared up during Maryborough's Street Parade then I may have lined up in the 45-49 years walk.

Given I waddle more than walk I would probably be disqualified.

Although the heading 'Dole rolls to victory' reads just fine by me.

AB: On a serious note, it's a massive week of sport for Bendigo.

The Oceania Masters Games and the Australian Under-12 Cricket Championships.

The cricket championships will be interesting viewing.

It might be worth keeping a copy of the program just to see how many of these young cricketers go on and play first-class cricket.

ND: Bendigo's ability to lure big events never ceases to amaze.

January is shaping as another busy month on the sports calendar.

I'm sure there will be many inspiring performances throughout the Masters Games events on the Flora Hill track and the cross-country runs at the Bendigo Jockey Club.

Not long after cricket's young stars have shone on the turf and it's the time for the Country Week line-ups to do battle on Bendigo and district ovals.

AB: Country Week is alive and kicking with 20 leagues battling for supremacy across three divisions.

Curators around the region will be glad when January is over.

The under-12 titles, Country Week action plus regular BDCA matches, that's a lot of work required to make sure pitches are up to scratch.

ND: It's a massive workload for our hardworking curators, but many have dealt with this before.

Still a few sleeps to go until the BDCA season is back on again.

You are a few years younger than me AB, but still qualify for Oceania Masters.

What event/s would you excel at?

AB: I've always thought I'd make a very good high jumper.

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