Illegal rave party: Ranger fury as 800 turn out

MORE ANGER: NYE party goers leave mess at Greens Lake

UPDATE: Torrumbarry music-goers lash out at claims

A PARKS Victoria ranger has described the scene of an illegal rave party at Torrumbarry as the worst environmental damage she has seen. 

More than 800 revellers turned up to the illegal party at Norris Bend on the Murray River on New Year's Eve. About 200 people still remained at the site on Thursday.  

Parks Victoria Murray and Riverine ranger-in-charge Brooke Ryan said the event was unacceptable and party-goers had no respect for other campers.   

"I have never seen environmental vandalism like it and the lack of respect for other campers is very disappointing," she said. 

"Music has blasted from the speakers for the last three nights, (party-goers) have been alcohol intoxicated.

"They have been walking around naked and into other people's camps - lots of families were surrounded by the group.

"Campers have complained about syringes left around the area and there is a big public health issue because of people urinating everywhere."

Campers have complained about syringes left around the area and there is a big public health issue because of people urinating everywhere. - Brooke Ryan

Ms Ryan said the event's set-up included 500 cars, three portable toilets, amplifying equipment worth thousands of dollars and two dance floors. 

Ms Ryan said a policeman administering breath tests near Gunbower alerted Parks Victoria to the rave party. 

She said she believed the event was organised through Facebook and said it was difficult to shut down. 

"We contacted Victoria Police to let them know, but of course they were busy with it being New Year's Eve - their busiest night of the year," she said. 

"The behaviour is completely unacceptable.

"They have ruined other people's New Year's Eves.

"Especially considering the great compliance of other people on the river."

Ms Ryan said Parks Victoria was working with Victoria Police to prosecute the event organisers.

"At the moment they are refusing to accept they are responsible," she said. 

"We will do everything we can to make sure these people (suffer the consequences)." 

Ms Ryan said people remained at the site on Thursday and could not be requested to leave until they were sober. 

She said it was illegal to hold such a large event in an area controlled by Parks Victoria without a permit. 

Echuca Police were called to the party on New Year's Eve to assist Parks Victoria to shut down the party.

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