Owner makes desperate plea to find her Hurley

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A MELBOURNE visitor has pleaded with the Bendigo community to help find her beloved dog Hurley.

Aimee Hojski and Hurley were camping near Eppalock last Sunday when the dog ran off.

''Please, please, please help me find my little dog, Hurley,'' Aimee wrote.

''We were camping along Abbots Track on December 28 when my dog ran off on Sunday night.

''We searched all that night and for the next three days and I couldn't find him.

''We knocked on every door in the vicinity and no one had seen him.  Everyone that we came in contact with said that they would keep an eye out for Hurley.

''The local fire brigade came to check our campsite and even they said that they would keep searching for him.

''I rang the local vets and lost dogs home with no one turning him in.

''One of the doors that I knocked on told me that they saw a silver Lancer in the area on Monday with a black dog inside. If you have a neighbour with a silver Lancer or know of somebody with one, could you please put your head over the fence to see if my Hurley is there.''

Aimee said it was a sad time for her heading back to Melbourne without Hurley. 

''I finally had to concede defeat and head home.  So with a heavy heart and tears in my eyes, I headed home to Melbourne, without my beloved Hurley,'' she said.

''I would like to thank all the people of Bendigo and the surrounding area for your kindness and compassion.

''Hurley is my best friend and I can't imagine my life without him by my side.''

If you have seen Hurley or know his whereabouts, contact the Bendigo Advertiser newsroom via email cos@bendigoadvertiser.com.au or call 5434 4470.

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