Heathcote bub is Victoria's first for 2014

ERRANT kangaroos on country roads were not enough to stop Max Alexander from being the first baby born in Victoria this year.

His mum, Peta Boyle was at her Heathcote home, preparing to move to Melbourne for the last two weeks of her pregnancy on Tuesday.

Ms Boyle has an auto-immune condition known as lupus.

Doctors had told her she would not have another child after son, Oscar, now 8, was born.

The condition meant she needed to have her baby at a city hospital, in this case, Heidelberg's Mercy Hospital.

She was settling down to a pasta dinner when her labour began about 9pm.

The hospital told her to come immediately.

But kangaroos just kept getting in the way, bounding over the road.

Her husband, Michael Cauchi, was forced to stop the car suddenly – twice.

"It was just getting dark and there were lots of kangaroos jumping – you just don't know which way they will go," Ms Boyle said.

"You have to go at least 20 kilometres below the limit because you have to come to a standstill. It is quite dangerous ... It's just one of those things that happen when you are in a rush to get somewhere," she said.

The couple had another road block in their two-hour drive; a breath-testing station for New Year's Eve revellers.

Mr Cauchi had to get a police sergeant's all-clear to side-step a breath test as well.

They made it to the hospital at 11pm, just in time for little Max to be born at "30 seconds past midnight", weighing in at 2.79 kilograms and 49 centimetres long.

"I feel so blessed to have him," Ms Boyle said.

"I was told I wouldn't be able to have another baby and to get him is just so special," she said.

Max, born on 01/01, follows the family's numerical patterns.

Older brother Oscar was born on 08/08.

Bendigo welcomed three new babies on New Year's Day.

More to come...

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