Christmas Spirit

THERE'S been some talk in the media this week about the National Basketball League potentially playing games on Christmas Day night.

With no sport on in Australia on Christmas Day, there's a school of thought that it would be the perfect opportunity to showcase basketball.

In the United States, NBA games played on Christmas Day night are a raging success.

While the move would create headlines for basketball in Australia, I'm hoping the WNBL doesn't get caught up in the idea of playing games on Christmas Day.

It might work for the men in the NBL, but it wouldn't work in the WNBL.

The NBL players are professional and get good money for what they do.

WNBL players, most of whom juggle work and/or study with playing, don't earn good money and shouldn't be expected to give up Christmas to play.

The eight days we had off over Christmas is the only time for the entire summer the girls get off.

That time over Christmas we get to spend with family and friends is priceless.

The break goes so quickly.

For me, Christmas Day consisted of lunch with my husband Aaron and his family before spending dinner with my family in Bendigo.

It was quiet, but that's just the way we like it.

Boxing Day was recovery from Christmas Day and then it was back into light training.

The light training quickly turned into heavy training when the Spirit girls got together last Sunday.

Spirit fitness coach Jeff Brennan put the girls through a torturous session on Sunday.

It only went for 20 minutes, but it was some of the most intense training I've done.

Jeff was adamant I wouldn't make it through the 20 minutes.

Halfway through I was tempted to pull out, but I'm no quitter.

Somehow, I survived the session of suicide sprints, push-ups, lunges and sit-ups.

All the girls made it through which was a great sign coming off a break.

We had another session on Sunday and backed up on Monday night.

We trained on Tuesday morning because a number of the squad went to former Spirit player Jaclyn Smith's wedding later in the day.

We'll train again on New Year's Day, fly out to Canberra on Thursday, play the Capitals on Friday night, return to Melbourne on Saturday and play against the Boomers in Bendigo on Saturday night.

It's a tough schedule as it is - so there's no need to add a Christmas game into the mix.

While we can't enjoy the Christmas and New Year celebrations as much as we'd like, we're hoping the hard work we put in now will lead to a big celebration at the end of the WNBL season.

Have a safe New Year everyone and I look forward to seeing you at the game on Saturday night.

It's a tough schedule as it is

Holiday time is for family, not for playing hoops

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