Defence career plan advances

BENDIGO resident David Lyall is one step closer to his dream of becoming an officer in the Royal Australian Corps of Transport.

David has graduated from the Australian Defence Force Academy and will now attend the Royal Military College at Duntroon for his next stage of training.

David said his involvement with ADFA had given him great life skills - and helped him overcome many things, including his fear of heights.  

“I have a fear of heights and ADFA helped me face them," he said. 

"When we did abseiling in our second year I was nervous.

"ADFA tought me to trust the team, which helped build my confidence.

"I faced my fears and realised it was often the toughest challenges that were the most rewarding.

“During my three years at ADFA I have done things I never previously would have dreamed were possible," he said. 

"The change in myself over those three years is unbelievable.

“I have done things that my high school friends could hardly imagine."

David said he wanted to be a part of the Australian Defence Force from the time he was 13.

“I saw members of the Army helping people when I was younger, helping rebuild nations and supporting people from around the world; it was something I could see myself doing," he said. 

“Watching the Army’s effort in both overseas and home-grown humanitarian efforts inspired me to join, as I believe in lending a hand.” 

Military training includes leading a team of about 20 people in an open-ended scenario. 

The success and failure of the exercise is dependent on the leadership and planning of the trainees. 

David said he enjoyed the challenge and succeeded in leading his group - a task that he was proud of.

ADFA enables officer cadets and midshipmen to develop the necessary skills to be successful junior leaders of the Australian Defence Force.

These future leaders embody the best values of the services: professionalism, loyalty, integrity, courage, innovation and teamwork.

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