Community support flows for tree tragedy family

NEWS: Girl, 4, killed by falling tree limb in Rosalind Park

EDITORIAL: Tree tragedy felt by entire community

MESSAGE WALL: Show your support for the mother, family

THE Bendigo community has taken to social media to offer support to the family of the four-year-old girl killed by a falling tree limb in Rosalind Park on Monday.

More than 170 Bendigo Advertiser readers have posted Facebook and website comments in support of the family since the tragedy.

Many comments have also offered support for emergency services personnel who attended the scene and medical staff.

Montana: Thoughts go out to the family. Very sad. :( xx.

Pollyperka: Very sad news thoughts are with the family.

Jodie Field: Absolutely dreadful, thoughts are with the family at this devastating time.

Leanne Kelly: Devastating, thoughts are with the family on this terrible tragedy.
Kate Connors: RIP such heart breaking news.

Peter Bennett: Sad news, thoughts go out to the family in these sad times.

Britt Dennis: Such a tragedy. Love and prayers to the family and their friends. RIP darling girl.

Karen Egan: Absolutely devastating. My thoughts are worth her family xx

Cathie Simpson: Tragic news, my prayers are with the family RIP xx

Sue Willcock: Shocking, sad news xx

Kris Schmid: How terribly sad, our prayers are with the family.

Jodie Field: Absolutely dreadful, thoughts are with the family at this devastating time. 

Carmel Fauth: Such shocking & sad news, thoughts are with the family & all those affected.

Bee Seymour: Heartbreaking xooxo my thoughts go out with the family zozo

Felicity Nicholls: My heart is breaking for the family. So sad.

Louise O'Brien: That is total unjust - thoughts are with the poor family.

Nicole Elizabeth Giri: How sad, my prayers and thoughts are with the family.

Kylie Rowe: So sad. Thoughts go out to all involved!! Just so sad. Xx

Wayne Elvis Woodall: Such a sad and unfortunate accident. My heart goes out to her family and friends.

Dawn Goudge: Heart breaking news my thoughts are with the family so sad.

Michael Thompson: What terrible news and such a random incident. 
I can't begin to understand how the family us feeling. 
Our thoughts & prayers are with them.

Martin Flanagan: Thoughts are also for the Emergency Service personel who attended.

Suzie Dewar: Omg that's horrible love and thoughts to the family rip little one xoxo.

Melanie Davey: Thoughts are with the family. What a terrible tragedy.

Katie Maher: My heart is broken trying to comprehend what has happened. My love and thoughts to this little girl and her family xxxx

Natalie Stanway: So sorry for this family and those who responded. Thoughts are with you all.

Allara Jennings: This is horrible, thoughts and prayers are with the family xx

Lauren Owens: Omg such sad news, RIP little Angel xo......... Condolences to the family, extended family and friends.

Lisa Morgan: Sometimes this world is so cruel. My heart goes out to the family and people who attended to help.

Sparkles Von Spark: Such a tragic death. Thoughts and prayers to the family of this little girl, as well as the emergency service personnel and medical staff.

Aleasha Gilbert: Omg this is heartbreaking! Rip little one. Sending my thoughts to the family and wishing the mother a speedy recovery from her injuries xx

Jenny Knight: So tragic, love and thoughts go out to family & friends.

Anna Blake: As a parent my heart aches for the affected family, may our thoughts an prays be with you. Xox

Lauren Penny: RIP to the little girl taken well before her time. Thoughts and prayers with the mother and family at this incomprehendable time of difficulty.

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