CFA manager happy with response to Toolleen fire

A FIRE at Toolleen was well-handled by the CFA, according to operations manager Mark Gilmore.

The first Watch and Act warning for the fire was released almost an hour after the fire was reported.

An emergency warning was then issued almost two hours after the initial report.

It’s believed there was only radio operator covering the fire.

Mr Gilmore said the CFA and other agencies had managed to control an “enormous” number of recent fires.

“The fact that the fire agencies including volunteers and staff from the CFA and the Department of Environment and Primary Industries have been able to respond to the numerous fires we’ve had in the landscape over the last month, and we haven’t lost lives, and we haven’t lost homes, its a very good outcome,” he said.

“On some days we’ve had numerous fires starting from harvester operations.

“The other causes have been activities such as the use of ride-on mowers.”

Mr Gilmore said there had also been issues with campfires on Total Fire Ban days.

“We’ve still got a way to go with the community removing as much risk as we can out of the landscape,” he said.

“The fire agencies have been very busy.

“But not all of those fires needed to occur.”

Toolleen resident and CFA volunteer Peter Hamilton said fire fighters had done "a great job". 

"I first found out over the CFA radio," he said. 

"I'm happy no-one was hurt, no-one died and no houses were burnt."

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