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At least 16 killed, scores injured by train station explosion in Russian city of Volgograd

Russian authorities say they will increase security after a suicide bomber killed at least 16 people and injured dozens at the main railway station in the city of Volgograd.

There are fears the attack could be part of an increasingly violent campaign by Islamic insurgents ahead of the Winter Olympic Games in the city of Sochi, which begin in just six weeks.


Fire services levy too high, farmers say

The Victorian Farmers Federation is calling on the Napthine government to review the new fire services levy, which it says is slugging farmers on the urban fringe and other areas with high land values.

The influential lobby group has met staff at the Treasurer's office and written to the state government requesting a review of the tax, which it previously described as a fairer system - but which has doubled the price some farmers pay.

- The Age 


GALLERY: Aftermath of Sedgwick fire

VIDEO/GALLERY: Power restored after Sedgwick fire

Gift of life for Zeke

Wild winds whip Bendigo

Car into tree at Lockwood


1. Which country’s capital is on the Potomac river?

2. Which creature may be Golden or Bald?

3. What sort of detective was Ace Ventura?

4. When texting, how is the word text usually written?

5. Which spirit was mixed with water to make grog?


A woodpecker’s tongue can wrap around its head twice.


1758 - French forces advance against Madras in India.

1886 - Germany and Portugal agree on boundaries between Angola and German Southwest Africa.

1903 - Some 600 people die in the Iroquois Theater fire in Chicago.

1972 - The United States halts its heavy bombing of North Vietnam.

1980 - The Spanish government agrees to allow the autonomous Basque government to raise taxes in the region and return only about one-third of the revenue to Madrid.

2000 - A passenger breaks into the cockpit of a British Airways flight and grabs the controls, sending the Boeing 747 into two violent nose-dives before the crew regains control. The plane eventually lands safely.

2006 - Saddam Hussein, 69, the shotgun-waving dictator who ruled Iraq for a quarter-century and was driven from power by a US-led war, is taken to the gallows and executed.

2011 - Hundreds of Sunni Muslims gather in Baghdad to celebrate the withdrawal of American forces, but in a sign of the sectarian divisions that re-emerged immediately after their departure, Shi'ite Muslims did not join the event.

2012 - The international envoy seeking to end Syria's civil war warns that the failure of the government and the rebels to pursue a political solution could lead to the "full collapse of the Syrian state".


If today is your big day, happy birthday!

You share a birthday with English singer-songwriter Ellie Goulding and US punk musician Patti Smith. 


My mate always goes over the top with technology. I went round to his house last night and saw his latest purchase.

"What the hell is that?" I said, shaking my head. "How big is that screen?"

"It's a 60 inch 3D LED," he replied. "Why? What's wrong with that?"

I said, "It's a calculator."

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