Car into tree at Lockwood

A WOMAN sustained leg, hip, chest and facial injuries after her car smashed into a tree at Lockwood South.

Emergency services were called to the incident about 1pm on Sunday.

"We got the call at 12.50pm," an Ambulance Victoria spokesman said.

"It was a woman in her 50s, she was the single occupant of the car.

"We spinally packed her - so a collar and put her on a spinal board - and we've taken her into Bendigo Health."

The woman was in a serious but stable condition on Sunday afternoon.

The single car collision occurred on Hokins Road, Lockwood South.

The woman's red car crumpled upon impact.

The bonnet was a mangled mess, the windscreen smashed and roof dented.

Leading Senior Constable Steve Mika was at the scene and said it was lucky the car's airbags had deployed.

"The driver was a 59-year-old female from Bendigo," he said.

"The woman lost control in the gravel on the verge of the road, over-corrected and then ploughed into the tree," he said.

"So she's moved over to the left a little bit too much, got over into the really soft stuff and thankfully the airbags have deployed which have saved her from major injuries.

"If she didn't have airbags she'd have fairly severe facial injures.

"So they've helped to reduce her injuries which is good."

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