Sedgwick fire leaves residents without power

HARCOURT North residents Prue Walduck and Ada Milley put their fire plan into action on Saturday when a fire ripped through 200 hectares of grassland at Sedgwick.

Their priority was looking after their livestock.

"We've got a bed and breakfast and an alpaca stud so we were lucky that we didn't have people in the bed and breakfast," Ms Walduck said.

"Our priority  becomes protecting our animals so we had that concern on Saturday night of trying to monitor the fire."

Ms Walduck told the Bendigo Advertiser at 10am on Sunday they were still without power.

"The power went off about 4pm on Saturday," she said.

"I rang the Powercor hotline to see if there was any indication of when the power would come back on and it was just an automated system.

"That was at 9am and it said there was no reported outage in your area.

"It's just not good enough for Powercor not to have it recorded that there was an outage in our area."

Ms Walduck said they were lucky there was some water in the house.

"We obviously don't have power but we've got our system set up - we haven't got any water under pressure but it's gravity feeding and we can get a bit of water in the house," she said.

"We could see the fire from our place.

"We can't see any flames now but there's still some activity there with fire trucks but that's good.

"We enacted our fire plan and it was good from that aspect because we've found holes in some of our fire plan.

"But it also just shows you how you're in the lap of the gods .

"We were lucky it was blowing the fire so it didn't come in our direction.

"So that just shows you how you have to be self sufficient.

"We rang our neighbours.

"In our area here, our community, we've all got a list of everyone's phone numbers, mobiles and their fire map co-ordinates.

"It even made us realise how long it takes to call people."

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