Good morning Bendigo - 29.12.13

Hope everyone's Sunday is off to a good start. We'll be following up the fire in Sedgwick later today so keep an eye on the Bendigo Addy website. Read more about the incident by clicking here


Sunny with a top of 26 degrees.

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Due to regional rail works, coaches will replace trains between Souther Cross Station and Bendigo until January 19. 


Powdered ecstasy party drug hitting new highs

A powerful, powdered form of ecstasy is gaining prominence in Australia as a dramatic rise in police seizures shows the party drug is coming back into fashion.

Experts fear the resurgence of MDMA will mirror a trend in the US towards taking the drug in a powdered version, known as Molly.

Student killled in Cairo campus protest

A student has been killed and 60 arrested as Egyptian police entered a Cairo university after Islamist protesters torched a building.

The latest violence follows a nationwide clampdown on Islamist protests after the military-installed government listed the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organisation.


If it is your birthday I hope you have a great day! 

You share a birthday with Australian cricketer David Boon, British actor Jude Law and US ballet dancer Gelsey Kirkland.


1921 - United States, Britain, France, Italy and Japan sign Washington treaty to limit naval armaments.

1993 - A dozen packed buses ride across rural Bosnian battlegrounds, taking about 900 Sarajevans to a new life as refugees in Croatia.

2010 - Police in Denmark and Sweden say they thwarted a terrorist attack possibly hours before it was to begin, arresting five men they say planned to shoot as many people as possible in a Copenhagen building housing the newsroom of a paper that published cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad.


A skeleton walks down empty Main Street. Suddenly he sees another skeleton carrying a gravestone. "Why do have the gravestone, buddy?", the other skeleton asks. The reply? "Because I always want to have some ID”.

Hope you have a great Sunday,


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