Email scam dupes post customers

Australia Post is warning customers of an email which attempts to scam people and collect money. 

The email appears to be sent by Australia Post and advises that a courier company was unable to deliver a parcel to the recipient's address.

It then requests the customer to print a label before they can collect it from the local post office. The customer is required to remit a payment first in order to be able to print the article label.

Australia Post warns it is a scam and urges people to delete the email. 

It has also been listed on SCAMWatch, with the website warning people of a similar phone scam. 

Australia Post says it never calls or emails customers to request payment for an undeliverable mail item.

Tips to protect yourself from fraud or scams include: do not open suspicious or unsolicited emails; do not click on any links in a suspicious email or open any attached files; and be careful when clicking unsubscribe on an email as spammers may use the 'unsubscribe' button to validate your email.

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