Police to target jet ski riders

POLICE are keeping a close watch on jet ski riders.

Police launched Operation Collosus on Friday, officially putting jet ski riders "on notice", particularly if they acted up in swimming zones, until April 2014.

Working alongside plain clothes spotters on the foreshores, Water Police will be gathering details of any boaters breaking the rules in swimming zones and ensuring they are dealt with.

Plain clothes members on the foreshore will be observing the behaviour of boat operators - particularly jet ski riders - and reporting any dangerous behaviour to their colleagues on the water.

Senior Sergeant Steve Towers said Water Police were fed up with people breaking the rules.

"If you are observed hooning - that is, speeding or operating in a dangerous manner - we will catch up with you," he said.

"You will be fined and your Personal Water Craft may be impounded.

"It is frustrating to continually see this type of behaviour, day in and out, despite the obvious risks.

"You are operating a high powered vessel that weighs 400kg or more.

"Think about the impact that you can have if you collide with another boater - or worse, a swimmer."

Senior Sergeant Towers said people who did the wrong thing ruined the fun for everyone.

"We are not blind to the fact that many, if not most, PWC operators behave safely and comply with the rules," he said.

"But there are far too many rogues out there who are ruining it for everyone.

"It's time for them to wake up to the potentially devastating consequences of their dangerous behaviour.

“It’s simple - stay out of the swimming zones, head out 200 metres from shore, and stay more than 50 metres away from other vessels and people.

"All PWC operators are responsible for their image - so if you see someone acting dangerously, say something, or let us know.

"They need to be taken off the water before someone else gets hurt.”

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