DEPI: don't approach or kill a snake

AUTHORITIES are warning people not to touch a snake if they come in contact with the reptiles. 

Department of Environment and Primary Industries Arthur Rylah Institute senior scientist Nick Clemann said snakes emerged from winter hibernation to lie in the sun and look for food and a mate. 

He said people out walking their dogs, cycling or bush walking in drier areas were most likely to encounter brown snakes. 

"Being aware that snakes may be around and being informed about how to react to them are the most important aspects of managing snakes," he said.

Mr Clemann said people who see a snake should remain calm and call the DEPI on 136 186. 

He said people should not touch or catch snakes. 

Mr Clemann said it was illegal to capture, kill or harm a snake. 

He said if a person was bitten they should immediately call 000. 

Bendigo Health treated seven snake bites in November 2011 with this year's count down to two. 

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