Good morning Bendigo! 20.12.13

Good morning Bendigo. Happy Friday!


Max 41. Shower or two. Late change.

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The sunset last night. Picture: PETER WEAVING

The sunset last night. Picture: PETER WEAVING


Some Bendigo-Melbourne trains have been cancelled due to today's hot weather. To view the changes go here.


Seymour woman dies waiting for ambulance

A 44-year-old Seymour woman has died from a heart attack after waiting 29 minutes for an ambulance, in a case paramedics say highlights dangerous gaps in rural ambulance coverage.

Fairfax Media has been told that the only ambulance crew stationed overnight in Seymour was transporting a patient to Melbourne when the triple-0 call was made just after midnight on Wednesday morning.

Staff in Ambulance Victoria's rural communications centre dispatched the nearest crews from Kilmore and Yea, which are both about 40 kilometres away, but did not call two off-duty intensive care paramedics stationed in Seymour who were rostered on a day shift.

- The Age 

Lee Rigby trial: Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale found guilty of soldier's murder

Muslim converts Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale have been found guilty of murdering British soldier Lee Rigby in a daylight attack that sent shockwaves around the world.

The court heard the two men ran over Drummer Rigby, a 25-year-old Afghan war veteran, near an army barracks in Woolwich, south-east London, then attacked his unconscious body with knives and a meat cleaver, trying to behead him.



Today has been declared a day of Total Fire Ban in the Mallee and Northern Country regions. 

Remember: All fires in the open air for burning off grass, scrub, stubble or rubbish are banned during Total Fire Ban Days. Any permits issued by Municipal Fire Prevention Officers are suspended for the duration of any Total Fire Ban Days. The CFA advises people should consider delaying use of chainsaws, mowers, brush cutters or any machinery propelled by a heat engine within nine metres of vegetation as risk of fire is extremely high.

Mallee - Severe 

Northern Country - Severe 

Northern Central - Very high 

Central - High 

To stay up to date on fire activity go here. 


Some of the events you will see Addy journalists and photographers at today are: 

Sam Hargreaves will shave off his beard at noon at Toyworld after listeners donated more than $2000 to the St Luke's Christmas Appeal. 


Fatal crash in Maryborough

VCE 2013 Top of the class - scores by subject

NEW ADDRESSES: Bendigo Advertiser Christmas lights competition 2013

Police make grim find in central Victoria

Rider killed


1. What is needed for a game of whist?

2. In song, who looked out for the Feast of Stephen?

3. Which continent has the greatest number of people?

4. Ratatouille is made from what type of food?

5. What is the maximum number of people who can sit in a rickshaw?

The sunset last night. Picture: PETER WEAVING

The sunset last night. Picture: PETER WEAVING


If today is your big day, happy birthday!

You share a birthday with American singer JoJo and  Australian statesman Sir Robert Gordon Menzies. 


1712 - Swedes defeat Danes at Gadebusch, Poland.

1803 - The Louisiana Purchase is completed as France formally transfers ownership of the territory to the United States during ceremonies in New Orleans.

1972 - Gunmen kill eight men and wound five in a bloody day of Northern Ireland conflict.

1993 - Fire sweeps through a Buenos Aires discotheque packed with hundreds of teenagers celebrating the end of the high school year, killing at least 17 people and injuring 30.

2011 - Iraq's Sunni vice president denies Shi'ite accusations that he organised death squads, describing the charges as a trumped-up case brought only after the departure of US troops about assassinations allegedly committed five years ago.

2012 - Australia's federal government concedes it's unlikely to deliver on its promised budget surplus this financial year, in the wake of a big drop in tax revenues; Cuban parliament president Ricardo Alarcon, one of the most influential people on the island and long its point man for US affairs, apparently is leaving the job he has held for 19 years when the body reconvenes next year with new membership.


Last night, I dreamt in colour. But it was just a pigment of my imagination.

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Daily quiz answers:  1. Pack of cards  2. Good King Wenceslas  3. Asia  4. Vegetables  5. Two

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