Bendigo woman jailed for stabbing mother

A BENDIGO woman sent a text to her mother saying "you're going to know what pain is" before she stabbed her repeatedly.

Jayde Rhiannon Wallis, 29, was sentenced to five and a half years prison over the frenzied stabbing at her mother's Spring Gully home on January 16.

One stab wound missed her mother's heart by 1mm, the Supreme Court sitting in Bendigo heard.

Justice Elizabeth Curtain said it was a violent attack prompted by "somewhat unusual circumstances" of a text message claiming that Wallis' great grandmother had died.

The court heard Wallis' aunty had sent her a message falsely stating that her great grandmother, who raised Wallis as a child, had died.

Justice Curtain said that enraged Wallis.

In a series of text messages Wallis laid the blame on her mother and told her "you have hurt me more than I could ever imagine possible".

In another text in the hours before the stabbing she stated: "you won't know when I'm coming, it could be tomorrow, it could be next week, either way you're going to get it. You're going to know what pain is."

You're going to get it. You're going to know what pain is

Wallis arrived at her mother's home at 4.30am and forced her way in by breaking a screen door. She had a cooler bag with her containing a knife and a skeleton mask.

After waking her mother who was asleep on the couch she sat beside her, produced the knife and launched herself on her, stabbing her four times to the chest and arm.

The court heard Wallis called an ambulance and told the call operator "I think I've killed my mum… I stabbed her in the heart. I didn't mean to kill her."

The mother, 44, spent two days in hospital and suffered a punctured lung.

Justice Curtain said the relationship between Wallis and her mother had been "fractured" and their contact had been intermittent throughout Wallis' life.

Wallis' mother was 15-years-old when she gave birth to her and Wallis was placed into foster care before living with her great grandmother.

The court heard Wallis was the victim of sexual abuse on multiple occasions from a young age. She dropped out of school and turned to alcohol abuse before working as an escort. 

Justice Curtain said she took into account Wallis' "horrific history" in her sentencing.

She said Wallis had shown insight into her offending and was remorseful.

Wallis was sentenced to a non-parole period of three years.

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