FINAL WORD: King's last crack

AB: Well, Kingy, this is it. Your final edition of Final Word.

It's probably a sadder time for Westy and I than it is for you.

Your departure is going to leave a large hole in Final Word banter.

Westy hasn't let an opportunity slip over the past two years to sink the boots into you, so I think it's only fair to give you the green light to return fire as much as you like today.

TK: Very true, Bourkey, without me to sledge Westy will feel more lost than during his final season at the crease for Kangaroo Flat's third XI.

The other day he was comparing his mental demons with the willow in hand to poor old Jonathan Trott.

Hopefully my departure doesn't cause Westy to pull stumps at the Addy and retreat to his second love after sports writing - his trots racing career.

AB: Ah, yes, my favourite sports photo in my time at the Addy - Westy trying to drive a little pony down the straight at Lord's Raceway.

Just for your benefit we'll give that a run today.

Kingy, it must have been a thrill to be back in your home town of Perth to watch the final two days of Australia's third Test win over the Poms.

TK: Yep, I couldn't have timed that trip any better.

Before the series I don't think anybody in their right mind expected us to return the urn at the WACA, but you couldn't have dreamed of a better series for the Aussies.

We've intimidated them with the ball, belted them around the park and generally made a strong team look second rate.

Day four in Perth was about as good as it gets with Shane Watson and George Bailey hitting catching practice to the stands around us, before Ryan Harris bowled that absolute peach to get Alastair Cook first ball.

We just about melted onto our seats in the 40 degree heat, but seeing the shattered Poms around me made it all worthwhile.

If we can crush England 5-0 and leapfrog them in the world rankings I'd just about say all is forgiven for the past few years of pain.

We can't get ahead of ourselves, we aren't about to dominate world cricket, but I think we've turned the corner and, rightly, 'Boof' Lehmann is getting a lot of credit.

AB: Only one negative so far this summer - the way David Warner carries on.

Three incidents in Perth still rile me - 1. the way Warner ran at Matt Prior when  celebrating his century. 2. his dance after he caught Cook in the first innings. 3. the wave he gave Joe Root when the Englishman was dismissed in the second dig.

No need for any of those actions. Yes, Warner is going well with the bat, but it's hard to like him when he carries on like that.

TK: You can add Shane Watson's celebration after his second innings ton to that list. 

The way he carried on was as though it was a match-winning dig.

Entertaining? Yes. Handy? Absolutely. But your boy Davey had done all the hard work for him.

As a team - and as a country - Australia has rubbed the Poms' noses in it this summer.

I wouldn't expect a warm welcome to the UK in 2015. 

AB: Well, Kingy, that's it - take it as read that I will continue to get under Westy's skin once you depart.

TK: I hope so, Bourkey, make sure you keep that photo within easy reach. 

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