Jail for meat cleaver attack

A WOMAN who broke into a stranger's home and slashed his head with a meat cleaver has been jailed.

Rebecca Raine, 33, was affected by the drug ice when she forced her way into a house in Castlemaine in the early hours of November 25, 2012.

Raine was armed with a meat cleaver and began threatening the home-owner, telling him she was going to cut him up.

The man, who had just been woken, backed away in fear before Raine raised the meat cleaver and struck him on the top of his head.

The Bendigo County Court heard the victim was left bleeding from the head and retreated to the backyard.

Raine followed him and struck him again with the meat cleaver on the hand he held out in defence.

The victim ran into the house and locked Raine outside before calling police.

Raine kicked in the glass door leading to the house but was arrested when police arrived a short time later. 

Judge John Carmody said it was extremely serious offending for Raine to invade a house of someone who was completely unknown to her.

In police interviews Raine gave a number of different accounts of what happened, including a claim that she had been walking past the house and had been pulled in by her hair.

She later told police she did not remember the events because of the amount of ice she had taken.

The court heard the victim suffered a 3cm laceration to the head and a cut to his thumb and was unable to work for two weeks.

In a victim impact statement he said he has experienced symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder and turned to alcohol abuse to escape his feelings of fear, anxiety and helplessness.

Judge Carmody said the impact on the victim was significant.

He said Raine - a mother of three - needed to manage her abuse of the drug ice.

"You need to address your drug addiction while in custody or you'll never stop offending," he said. 

"More importantly you won't be able to be a mother to your children."

The court was told Raine had been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. 

Judge Carmody said her psychiatric condition did not mitigate her offending. He said it was her drug abuse that had led to her violent behaviour more than her mental concerns.

Raine was sentenced to four years in prison with two and a half years non-parole.

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