Couple shocked by theft

A HUNTLY couple had their newly built house broken into only three weeks after they moved in. 

Jenna, who didn’t disclose her surname, said her home was broken into by a brazen thief who stole Christmas presents, jewellery, money and even food out of the freezer.

Her partner, a builder, also had most his tools stolen.

Police are investigating the incident.

Jenna said officers came to her house on Monday to look over the scene. 

She said it was now a waiting game to find out what happened. 

"They came and took fingerprints," Jenna said. 

"We think the person who did it heard a noise and left because all of the cords of our entertainment system had been pulled out but had not been taken."

Jenna said her back window had been smashed and there were holes in the walls. 

Jenna said she broke down in tears when she got the call saying her house was broken into.

 “I was in shock,” she said.

“I called my mum and I couldn’t stop crying.”

Jenna said she couldn’t believe someone would rip open presents and take Christmas gifts.

“I have been angry and upset,” she said.

“How can someone do this so close to Christmas?

How can someone could do this so close to Christmas? - Jenna

"I have been going through a roller coaster of emotions."

To ensure the crime didn’t put a dampener on the holiday season, Jenna said she went shopping on Tuesday to re-buy most of the stolen presents.

She said she didn’t want the incident to ruin Christmas with her family.

Jenna’s friend Hayley Trevean said when she heard the news she immediately wanted to reach out and do what she could to help the young couple.

Miss Trevean said the incident made her ‘sick in the stomach’.

“Christmas is so close and to have this happen is a low blow,” she said.

“How can someone do this?

“How can someone open Christmas presents and then pick and choose what they want?

“Some people don’t have any respect.

"I don't understand how someone can do this at all, and not just because it is Christmas."

Miss Trevean said Jenna's partner used his tools often because of his profession. 

"About $5000 worth of tools were stolen," she said. 

"His tools are his livelihood." 

Miss Trevean encouraged community members to dig deep and donate things to help Jenna and her family.

“If people could donate some items and replace some of things that were stolen that would be amazing,” she said.

Miss Trevean said if anyone wanted to make a donation or wanted to help out in some way they could email

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