Busting for the flame

HEY everyone!

This week we had two good wins against the Los Angeles Clippers and Orlando Magic and a tough loss at Miami.

Today I am going to write about my experiences at the London Olympics opening ceremony - one of the greatest experiences I’ve had.

The opening ceremony was something I’ll never forget.

The build up to actually walking out into the Olympic stadium was big.

That morning we picked up our opening ceremony outfits, which were really cool because it included Dunlop Volleys and green Olympic jackets. 

On the inside of the jackets it had the name of every Australian Olympic gold medalist.

As we assembled with the entire Australian Olympic team out front of our apartment blocks, I made sure to get photos with all my teammates and the Australian Liaison Officers - cricket legend Steve Waugh, seven-time world champion surfer Layne Beachley, rugby legend John Eales, and two-time gold medalist swimmer Kieren Perkins.

They were great people to have a chat with about all their sporting experiences.

As we started our long walk towards the Olympic Stadium, there were some TV’s around to catch glimpses of what was actually going on inside of the stadium, but there were no toilets around which could become a problem when you’re trying to stay well hydrated.

Women’s basketball player Lauren Jackson was the flag bearer, which is a huge honor.

I was lucky enough to get a photo with her and the flag, before entering the stadium.

As we started walking underneath the stadium, the excitement was definitely building.

Once we got closer you could see through to the stadium, and as we got even closer, the stadium got bigger and bigger until finally we were there.

After we did our lap, we waited on the inside of the track for all the other teams to enter. 

I made sure I saw Usain Bolt and Roger Federer walk past.

The problem with being on the inside of the track was that there were no toilets and if you had to go you had to leave the stadium, and you weren’t allowed back in.

I really needed to go, but there was no way I was leaving before the Olympic flame was lit.  The captain of our team, Matt Nielson, told me it’s not really allowed but he’d come with me across the track. 

We quickly got across the track in between countries, found a restroom and managed to make it back without getting told to leave by security.

After all the countries had entered the stadium we gathered in an area that was covered by a black sheet.

It was lucky we got up the front because we got to watch the Olympic torch come right past us and, being 10m away from the cauldron, being lit.

I have a great picture with Patty Mills and the Olympic flame in the background.

When I got back to my room that night I had to pinch myself to make sure that it really happened.

Thanks everyone for the support, I appreciate it. If anyone would like to hear about anything in particular, you can tweet me @matthewdelly.

I had to pinch myself to make sure that it really happened.

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