Taking flight 110 years on

Flying club takes to the sky

AVIATION pioneers Orville and Wilbur Wright were celebrated for their ground-breaking innovation on Tuesday. 

VIDEO: Leigh Sharp

The brothers were credited with constructing the world’s first airplane 110 years ago.

In honour of their invention the Bendigo Radio Controlled Aircraft Club hosted a fly in.

The club’s members came together at their Marong flying field to fly radio controlled planes and eat a celebratory lunch.

Club members reflected on the Wright brothers' achievements.

Event organiser Les Davis said December 17 was a wonderful day in history.

“In 1903 the Wright brothers made the first powered aircraft to carry a man,” he said.  

“It flew for 12 seconds on that day.

“That was the birth of powered flights and we are celebrating what they have done in those 110 years.

“If the Wright brothers had not got off the ground back in those days there would be no aeroplane club.”

Mr Davis, a member of the flying club for the past 48 years, said the aviation industry had changed significantly since the Wright brothers successfully built the first plane.

“In the early days it was timber and balsa wood and it is now plastics and fibre glass and these types of materials,” he said.  

“It makes it a lot bigger and a lot quicker to build airplanes.”

Mr Davis said the club had been in the region for the past 62 years.

“The club started off as the Bendigo Model Aeroplane club and then when radio control equipment became available we changed our name,” he said.  

“All the planes are radio control planes.  

“We have various competitions throughout the year to keep the pilots on their toes."

Mr Davis said club members had great comradeship.

"We have a great group of pilots that all enjoy flying," he said. 

Club secretary Alan Uren said if anyone wanted to join the flying club they could call him on 5441 8528 or visit www.brcac.asn.au

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