Santa's lolly truck headed for Heathcote

THE Heathcote Fire brigade will be driving through the streets of Heathcote tonight, for the annual Santa lolly run. 

Held in Heathcote for more than 30 years, fire brigade volunteers will hand out lollies to the town's residents. 

Heathcote Country Fire Authority captain Shane Nixon said the lolly run was supposed to be on Monday night, but emergency crews were called out to a fire. 

"I think it is the first time that has happened in the history of the lolly run," he said. 

Tonight the brigade will begin at 7pm starting at Mitchell Street and Playne Street, stopping at every corner. 

The truck will then stop at the corner of Herriot Street and Wright Street before driving back up to Mitchell Street. 

Mr Nixon said the truck will then cross over the creek, starting on Shakespere Street and Caldwell Street. 

Then driving to Scully's Lane and then onto Wattle Drive. 

Mr Nixon said about 15 kilograms of lollies would be handed out. 

He urged residents to take part in the Christmas event. 

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