Mother facing court over manslaughter of her baby daughter

UPDATE: A HEARING into the death of a baby girl who was left in a car has heard there were questions into what drugs were given to the infant by paramedics.

Paramedic Paul Burke told the Bendigo Magistrates' Court there has been an investigation into ambulance records on the night of the death.

He said he was uncertain whether the five-month-old girl who had been found lifeless in the hot car was given morphine or adrenaline. 

Under cross-examination from defence counsel Shane Gardner, Mr Burke said there were unanswered questions about the drugs and the type of dosage administered to the baby.

Mr Burke described the lack of documentation as an "irregularity". 

Forensic pathologist Dr Heinrich Bouwer said a toxicology report revealed there was evidence of morphine in the infant's blood system. 

The committal hearing will hear from the final witness on Tuesday.

EARLIER: A Bendigo mother believed her daughter had been kidnapped before she discovered her lifeless in the backseat of her car, a court has heard.

Jayde Poole, 28, has been charged with manslaughter over the death of her five-month-old daughter Bella who she left in the car for more than two hours on December 11, 2012.

Bella was taken to hospital but was declared dead shortly after.

The Bendigo Magistrates' Court heard Ms Poole was frantically searching the house for her daughter before she realised she was still in the car.

The court heard she had taken Bella and her six-year-old son to Hungry Jacks for dinner and returned home about 4.45pm. 

Bella was retrieved from the car at 7.20pm.

A committal hearing has been told of the "distress" and "shrieks of terror" when Ms Poole made the grim discovery.

Ms Poole's sister Megan Hillier said she had rushed around to the home after being told Bella was missing.

"Jayde called and said 'my baby's gone'. She said ' I can't find her, she's missing, she's not in the cot. I put her down for a sleep and she's not there. Someone's taken her."

Ms Poole's brother Christopher had also gone to the house and was trying to help his sister find Bella.

"(Jayde) was stressed, she was frantically looking in each room," he said.

"She went out the front and then I heard her scream. I ran outside, I thought Bella's kidnapper had rocked up. I heard Jayde say Bella was in the car. She was hysterical."

Police were also on scene after receiving a report of the alleged child abduction.

"She was waving her arms around and screaming, 'what have I done?'" - Senior Constable Rachel Colliver

Senior Constable Rachel Colliver, who is Ms Poole's cousin, described the night as highly distressing and said Ms Poole was in a panic.

"She was waving her arms around and screaming, 'what have I done?'"

An earlier court hearing was told the temperature inside the car was an average of 30 degrees in the two-hour period Bella was in the backseat.

Senior Constable Colliver said she was certain Ms Poole would never consciously leave her child in the car. She said there was no doubt in her mind Ms Poole was a very responsible and caring parent.

Ms Poole's parents also gave evidence saying that she was an extremely loving mother. The court heard Ms Poole was living with her parents and her three children; Bella, a two-month-old girl and a six-year-old boy.

Her father, Trevor Poole, said the incident had taken an enormous toll on his daughter.

"She's not coping very well at all," he said.

"She tries to be a good mother to the other two (children) but you can see that it's affected her badly." 

Ms Poole was charged with manslaughter on July 17 and has been on bail.

The hearing continues.

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