Arrests made in police pub blitz

FIVE people were arrested in a police blitz at the weekend.

Operation Unite ran in five parts of the state targeting licensed venues, entertainment precincts, public transport hubs and roads.

Bendigo had the lowest number of incidents in Victoria.

Five arrests were made and one assault was recorded as police visited 54 licensed venues.

45 penalty notices were also handed out.

Police did detect any liquor licence breaches.

Sergeant Tony Kekich said police were generally pleased with the results.

“The statics show that people were well behaved,” he said.

“I got it from the police who worked Saturday night that they were reasonably pleased with the outcome.”

Unite ran in both Australia and New Zealand with 76 arrests made in Victoria.

Sergeant Kekich said there had been a strong police presence in Bendigo.

“There was a contingent of police from Melbourne working in conjunction with a contingent from Bendigo,” he said.

“There were also Highway Patrol and Crime Investigation Unit detectives working."

Sergeant Kekich said police regularly ran operations, especially towards the end of the year.

“Just because we’ve had Operation Unite this weekend doesn’t mean we’ll be relaxing our efforts in the coming Christmas period,” he said.

“Local police will still be out there detecting anti-social behaviour and dealing with it."

Melbourne recorded the state’s highest results with 44 arrests, two assaults and more than 200 venue inspections.

14 arrests were made in Ballarat, five in Yarra and eight in Geelong.

Officers conducted almost 5000 breath tests and detected 21 drink drivers.

Bendigo Police Acting Superintendent Brad Dixon said prior to the operation people should celebrate the Christmas period safely.

He said police would have a low tolerance for bad behaviour. 

"With warmer weather there are more people heading out to pubs and drinking," he said.

"We will have a low tolerance for anyone engaging in alcohol-related violence.

"We will have every available police officer from Bendigo patrolling the CBD to ensure everyone can enjoy themselves safely and free from violence."

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