Photos/Diary Entry: Bendigo South East College World Challenge

ABOUT 44 Bendigo South East College year 9 and 10 students travelled around Asia as part of the World Challenge. Below is the final diary entry from students Brenna Bailey and Casey Barzcynski. 

Bendigo South East World Challenge Team three has spent most of the last week of the expedition in the village of Na Sei Chaluren completing a project.

The village consists of about 45 families and is about 15 km from the city of Luang Prabang in Laos.

Our objective was to repaint the inside and outside of a classroom at the local primary school. 

We entered the village on the third of December and were warmly greeted by the children with flower necklaces and lots of smiles. 

We began day one by sanding the walls of our assigned classroom and continued that through to the second day.

We were then able to paint the room. 

Our food was all cooked by women from the village using produce grown locally. 

It tasted delicious. 

Their hospitality was lovely and we all felt right at home. 

Before we knew it the last day was upon us and we were treated to a cultural evening with the village chief and elders. 

They chanted to us and tied woolen bracelets around our wrists, wishing us luck on our journey home. 

We showed a little of our culture by singing a song and dancing with the children. 

We were all sad to leave the village but excited by the prospect of a couple of days rest in the Laos capital of Vientiane before we head home. 

It has been an amazing trip. 

We all can't wait to get home to family and friends. 

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