Curious cats hit the road

HITCH, the stowaway kitten from Lockwood who travelled 200km under the bonnet of a car, is not the only central Victorian feline to enjoy a good road trip.

Some time ago, a similarly adventurous young cat climbed into the front grill space of my friend's car while she spent the night with our family in Bendigo.

As she headed home to Oak Park in Melbourne the following morning, my husband noticed something slightly amiss and flagged her down before she had driven too far.

Lo and behold, there peering out from behind the grill was a cute little ball of fluff - none the worse for the experience, though not too happy about being plucked out by the scruff of its neck.

Asking around our neighbours, we learned the kitten had a habit of hitching a ride and had once travelled from Maiden Gully to Epsom, only to be discovered during a stop at a petrol station.

Sadly but not surprisingly, the curious moggy vanished from our suburb for good soon afterwards.

Do you have a story about a stowaway pet? Tell us about it by phoning 5434 4470, email or leave a comment below. 

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