Holden dealer blames disloyal customers

THE owner of fourth generation A.J. Gloster and Sons Holden dealership is disappointed people stopped buying Australian-made cars.

Bendigo resident Ken Gloster, whose father bought a dealership in Underbool in 1927, said Holden's departure from manufacturing in Australia was expected.

"I think it is funny people are saying they feel jilted," he said.

"Why wouldn't you jilt people when they have been disloyal to you?

“Australians have been buying overseas products instead of local products.”

Mr Gloster has fond memories of when he was told (in 1947) that Holden would produce an all-Australian car.

“We were told in secret,” he said. “None of the media knew.

"In 1948 we sent out invitations to all our customers and asked them to come in and take a drive in the Australian-made Holden 48215 (it was later renamed the FX). 

“We were overwhelmed with people."

Mr Gloster took over the dealership with his brother in the 60s.

“When a new model came out, we'd go to a presentation in Melbourne with all the other dealers from across Victoria," he said. “Each dealer owner would be given a test model to drive back to their dealership.

“We were told not to stop anywhere on the way back to the dealership because people would flock to the car.

“But I would stop at a place out of Kyneton because I thought there would be less people.

“By the time I exited the restroom there were 15 cars stopped next to the test model, having a look at the new Holden. 

Mr Golster, whose nephew now runs the dealership, said A.J. Gloster and Sons had progressively lost customers.

“If our dealership wasn't a family business, there’s no way we would have survived this long,” he said. “I've never driven anything but a Holden, I even drove a new model Holden to Adelaide on my honeymoon.

“Holdens have been my life.”

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