Photo artist is Going Solo

CAROLYN Dew will be the first artist exhibiting in the Bendigo Art Gallery's Going Solo exhibition.

Ms Dew was selected from more than 40 other applications to spend 10 months working with curators and on her own to create an exhibition for the gallery next year.

Bendigo Art Gallery curator Claire Needham said it helped show the exceptional artists in central Victoria.

"Going Solo is a formalisation of what we already do at the gallery in supporting local artists," Ms Needham said.

"We had a really outstanding set of applications, and were excited to choose Carolyn as our first Going Solo artist.

The Bendigo Art Gallery prides itself on having connections with a number of local artists in the community.

The exhibition will be on display at the end of next year.

"Carolyn will work with curators at the gallery to get a sense of the exhibition before having 10 months to work in her studio," Ms Needham said.

Ms Dew grew up in Bendigo and has been studying photography since the later 1990s after taking an interest in it while working at the State Library of Victoria.

"I was lucky to get a job with a preservation photographer where I learnt a lot of my technical skills and became interested in photographs as social documents as well as objects," she said.

"After spending many years in the city I came back to work as the photography technician at the art school at La Trobe (University)."

Ms Dew has exhibited at the Central Goldfields Art Gallery in Maryborough and The Colour Factory in Fitzroy.

Her work is colour photography that is still shot with the old analog film.

"It can be described as still life and very figurative. It's unusual for me to have people in my photographs," she said.

"In the past I've experimented with using other things alongside the photographs. Generally there's a photographic process embedded in a sculptural work."

When Ms Dew heard about the Going Solo exhibition she jumped at the chance to apply.

"For me the timing was perfect and I had done some work for a new body of work," she said.

"It is a great staff to work with the curatorial staff and show yourself in a professional space with a wonderful reputation."

Ms Dew said she has steeled herself for a rejection phone and was completely surprised when she was told she would exhibit at the Bendigo Art Gallery.

"When I answered the call I was ready for that (rejection) but (Claire) didn't give me that news. She gave me much better news," she said.

"I'm mindful of those people who didn't get this opportunity.

"I feel the responsibility of it as well as the thrill of it. I want to make a show that (people will) enjoy seeing."

Ideas are already forming in Ms Dew's mind.

"That and the input from the staff about what we can do is exciting," she said.

"It's fantastic to think my work will be placed among work of the highest calibre. That will make you lift when making the work.

"I'm really please the gallery has the confidence in me to do this."

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