Vandals stir up plenty of festive spirit

THE senseless vandals who smashed baubles on Bendigo's famous Rosalind Park Christmas tree have certainly stirred up some festive spirit in the community.

People were quick to condemn the actions of those who got some kicks out of vandalising the Christmas tree when news broke on Monday.

Best thing they can do is have the courage to come forward and confess to their mindless actions.

Reaction to the vandalism was scathing on Facebook and the Bendigo Advertiser website as people vented their anger at the senseless act.

The condemnation of such a stupid act on something as sacred at this time of year as a Christmas tree was heartening to see.

The community had every right to feel angry.

The Christmas tree is a Bendigo showpiece at this time of year and should be looked upon as so.

The events of the weekend suggest not all hold the tree in such high regard and we can only hope those responsible for this stupidity have taken in the reaction to their actions and feel guilty today.

Best thing they can do is have the courage to come forward and confess to their mindless actions.

Perhaps they might also like to put up their hands for some volunteering to learn what real community spirit is truly about.

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