Couple thinks ACT is 'on the right track'

NADINE Abbotto and her partner Daniela dream of their love one day being recognised with an official marriage certificate.

The Melbourne couple took part in a commitment ceremony at The Lake House in Daylesford in May.

They are blissfully in love and happily committed to each other but are disappointed they can't legally marry in Australia.

Ms Abbotto told the Bendigo Advertiser on Saturday she was over-the-moon for the same-sex couples who had taken advantage of the ACT's Marriage Equality Act.

"It's certainly a step in the right direction," she said.

"Hopefully it becomes legal Australia-wide, especially in Victoria, so that it's equal for everybody.

"I'm extremely happy for those couples in the ACT.

"I read about two couples who were married at 12.01.

"It's very touching."

Australia's first legally-recognised same-sex marriages have sparked mixed reactions with the Australian Christian Lobby forecasting "big social consequences".

While Ms Abbotto refers to her partner Daniela as her "wife", she'd love their union to be recognised by the law.

"Daniela is my wife in my eyes," Ms Abotto said.

"If the law does change we'd probably have something more intimate with our immediate family but we'd have another ceremony. We're loving our life together."

Since the ACT passed its law in October, 47 same-sex couples have registered an intention to marry.

The ACT government hailed its legislation as a significant symbol of acceptance, tolerance and compassion.

But the Commonwealth has already challenged the validity of the law in the High Court, with a ruling due on December 12.

“At the end of the day it’s just a bit of paper and it wouldn’t change our relationship, no matter what," Ms Abbotto said.

"We love each other and that's what matters.

“But we do hope that one day the government does come around.”

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