Cooler weather won't last long

COOLER weather is on its way to Bendigo but it won't last long. 

Temperatures tipped 34.7 degrees about 3pm yesterday with the Bureau of Meteorology forecasting a top of 34 degrees today.  

Temperatures are expected to drop to 22 degrees on Wednesday and 17 degrees on Thursday.

Duty forecaster Sarah Scully said the cooler weather was due to a cold front which would sweep across the state. 

"The cold front is due to a short, sharp burst of cold air and is not expected to last long," she said. 

Ms Scully said Friday temperatures were expected to reach a maximum of 22 degrees before heating up for the weekend, with mid to high 20s expected for Saturday and a top of 31 degrees on Sunday. 

She said the average temperature for December was 26.5 degrees but temperatures in the mid 30s and low 40s were not unusual for this time of year. 

About 10 to 20 millimeters of rain is expected in Bendigo on Wednesday but the wet weather is expected to clear quickly. 

"There will be some good (rainfall) for Bendigo on Wednesday," Ms Scully said.

Bureau of Meteorology senior meteorologist Phil King said Bendigo experienced an average spring. 

Mr King said the hottest temperature for the season was 33.9 degrees on November 19 with the average for spring being 21.1 degrees.

He said the city recieved 116 millimetres of rain during spring with the average 142 millimetres for the area. 

"The rainfall is pretty much the same across the state," he said. 

"We have had a below average (rainfall) across the northern border and higher than average through the coastal areas.

"This is due to a lot of westerly winds picking up showers on the coast."

Bendigo Fire Brigade is reminding people the fire danger period has started and to be wary of the heat.  

Bendigo station officer John Lane said there were no fire call outs yesterday but firefighters were called to incident where a father had accidentally locked his six- month-old baby in a car. 

Mr Lane praised the man for immediately calling for help. 

"The man should be congratulated for his quick thinking," he said. 

Firefighters responded to an incident in Mount Macedon about 6pm yesterday. 

There was no threat to communities. 

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