My Street: A nice spot for the empty nesters

RIGHT in the heart of Bendigo, just a hop, skip and a jump from the arts precinct you will find Langston Street.

It offers all the perks of inner city living without all the hustle and bustle.

And Russell and Julie Keating, who have lived in Langston Street for 17 years and watched their children grow up here, believe it is a nice spot for empty nesters.

“It’s a great spot,” explains Russell.

“You are fairly close to town but it’s still quiet.

“And I can walk to work,” says Russell, who works for Access Employment.

“It is also good having a café on the corner,” added Julie.

The café in question, which lies just metres from the Keating’s home, is the Bendigo Corner Store Cafe which won the people’s choice award at the 2013 Golden Plate Awards with owner Adam Nicoletti taking home the prize for best barista.

“It opened about three years ago and it puts a bit of life into the area,” said Julie.

“Bendigo is lovely; it has got everything without being in the rat race.

“It is nice to bring the kids up in the country” she said.

“We have three children and they have all grown up here, although two are now in Melbourne.

"They all walked to school.

“When the kids were growing up here the house was a great meeting place for all their friends,” added Russell.

“Sometimes too good!” he said.

 “We have done a fair bit to the house.

“It’s from the 1890s.

“It was a rental when we bought it and the garden was covered in plastic. We have redone it all.

“One day the grandchild of the previous owner popped their head over the fence and explained their grandfather had lived here and asked if they could have a look. We showed them around and they said it was all different.

“We moved here in 1996.

“This was the first place we owned in Bendigo. We met in Melbourne and we lived there and then we lived in Kyneton before we moved up this way.

 “The neighbours are nice. Most have been here longer than us.

“They come here and settle; they are all empty nesters like ourselves.

“There used to be loads of kids running around but they have all grown up.”

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Street Stats:

MEDIAN PRICE: $339,000




What you’ll find:

Central location just minutes from the arts precinct on View Street and Bendigo central.

Langston Street offers all the perks of inner city living without all the hustle and bustle.

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